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              Harnesses and Leashes


Our Dog Harness are 100% cotton and are machine washable. They come in Xs, S, M, and L.  ​

                   Halter Vest

Halter Vest is a a vest that has a D ring on the back, they are lined with a soft fabric and the out side is a heavier fabric to accommodate attaching a leash to. ​They can be plain or with a skirt on the bottom. They also have a buckle at the neck for safety.

   Solid Chest Comfy Harness

This is a brand new item we are making. The front chest area is solids made of 100% cotton and on the back like a regular harness.


Our leashes are 5ft made from 100% cotton to match the collars. Machine Washable

Car Safety Leash

Keep dogs safe while in the car on a short car safety leash. Keeping your dog on a leash in the car keeps them out of your lap and distraction free and in the event of an accident keeps them from getting scared and running off.

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