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Paw Towels

Clean those muddy paws as they come in the house. Clean off wet paws and grassy paws. Great gifts for pet parents.

Bath Towels

Have doggie his very own bath towel. It is a full size towel with a cute rubber ducky embroidery on the bottom corner. Soft Terry cloth in a variety of colors.

Pet Shampoo

We make our own shampoo that comes in 3 fragrances, Cumber Melon, Citrus, or Floral. A good smelling conditioning shampoo that leaves itchy sensitive skin smooth and icth free.


Have a dog with ling ears that get dipped in the water bowl or dirty in the food bowl. Ears that risk frostbite in the winter. Then a snood is the answer made of a soft fleece holds ears back and keeps them warm will outside.

Belly Bands

Aid in potty training and incontinence in male dogs. Helps for dogs that want to mark their territory indoors.

Dooty Bags

Always have a poo poo pick up bag handy. These come with a clip that will clip on a leash or belt loop and you can stuff any plastic bag in them.

Travel Water Bottles

They are 20 oz fold up and when opened provide a tray to drink out of. Can be personalized with just about anything.

Personalized Pet Ornaments

We have a lot of breeds, can be done in most colors. Name added in the Bone or Fish shape in any color. A date can also be added. If you dont see your breed please message and I will see if I can make it.

Recue the Pets Decal

This is a window cling to notify emergency personnel that there are pets in your house and please to rescue them. You can write on them with a permanant marker even add a phone number.

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