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Microwave potato bags make the perfect steakhouse potaotes in a fraction of the time and right in the microwave. They are also great for corn, tortillas, and leftover rolls. Each bag comes with complete instructions and a recipe. Great for dorm rooms. hostess, and housewarming gifts.

Microwave bowl cozy save your hands from getting burned. Simply place your glass bowl in the cozy and then microwave you can easily get it out of the microwave without burning your hands. Great for oatmeal, soup, leftovers. As a bonus it also keeps you food hotter in the bowl. Another awesome use is for icecream so the bowl doesnt freeze your hand while eating. Wonderful in dorms where microwaves are the number one cooking tool.

Hanging Kitchen towels have a button attachement so they will go around a lot of different things oven door handles or refirdgerator handles. Always have a towel within reach We have them in many designs holidays and kitchen themes.

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